Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Pro Hunter part of the Rolex Collection?

A. No, Pro Hunter is a high quality customisation of a Rolex Sports Watch.

Q. Can the watch be serviced at a Rolex Service Centre?

A. No, as a general rule, Rolex Service Centres do not service modified or customised watches. Therefore we have invested in our own service centre based in London, UK, with Rolex trained watch technicians. We now have service centres in Geneva, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Q. Do you provide a warranty?

A. Yes, every Pro Hunter comes with a 2 year in-house warranty covering the case, dial and movement.

Q. What papers come with the watch?

A. (i) The original Rolex Guarantee Papers. However, we would like to be very clear to avoid any misunderstanding; as the Rolex Watch has been modified, the original Rolex Guarantee would be treated as void by Rolex Service Centres.

(ii) The Pro Hunter Guarantee which gives a full two year guarantee on the underlying model and customisation process.

Q. Is Pro Hunter a customisation of pre-used watches?

A. No, all Pro Hunters are customisations of brand new Rolex watches.

Q. Are different types of straps available?

A. Yes, we provide various straps in different colours and thickness.

Q. Can a metal or leather strap be attached to a Pro Hunter?

A. Since a Pro Hunter has fixed lugs, a metal strap cannot be attached. However, a leather strap can be specially customised to fit the watch.

Q. Will the black coating wear off?

A. Under normal wear and tear condition the black coating will not wear off. If subjected to extreme abrasion against a hard, rough surface, such as a brick wall, then it can. However, the coating can be re-applied during a simple service.

Q. Is Pro Hunter water proof?

A. Yes, a Pro Hunter retains all the properties of the underlying watch.

Q. After what time period would you recommend the service on these watches?

A. 5 years for the service of the movement, and re-application of the case coating if necessary.

Q. In future, will you customise other models?

A. We may bring out new lines, in a limited edition policy. However, we will not tap any existing lines.